Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Jeff and I learned a lot about boobs and their functionality at our 2.5 hour class on breastfeeding. He is super intrigued, I am still grossed out. But its the best thing for Madison so I will endure and be FINE!

In addition to the extra 5lbs I put on since my last dr's visit I apparently grew upstairs too.

Yep I was laying in bed the other day and my boob was in my neck...weird......YES!

Got my first sleep nursing bra yesterday (thank you granny) which resulted in my finding out that I am right at a DD...... WHAT!?!?! And they are supposed to get bigger after birth WOW!!! I'm too little for a huge belly and DD boobs, its just not right! :) Anyway, Jeff and I were pretty shocked at knowing I have grown from a full C to DD in no time at all!

Boobs, boobs, boobs. Thats all I can say!


updated Madison's blog!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

continuation of pregnancy as a blessing

So you know how they do the commercials for medications and talk about all the risks of taking the medication...

They should do the same thing for middle school and high school health class for young girls to hear all the possible side effects of pregnancy. I think it would be a big help cause until you are actually pregnant you don't know about a lot of the side effects that can happen (atleast I didn't) the side effects list I only (so far) have dealt with head colds in the beginning, lack of energy in the beginning, of course weight gain (which has been the hardest for me), backaches and now recently leg cramps and swollen feet. Oh and I hate the smell of my favorite beer. :)

Pregnancy is a blessing?

Side effects could include:
Nausea, vomiting, gestational diabetes, weight gain, headaches, backaches, facial redness, dry skin, head colds, constipation, leakage, lack of energy, swelling, stretch marks, tenderness in the breasts, chloasma, difficulty breathing, skin rashes, changed center of gravity, clumsiness, forgetfulness, round ligament pain, internal pain from movement and kicking, vericose veins, diarrhea, odd food cravings, lack of sexual desire, cramping of organs, increased urination, enlarged areola, swollen glands, hemorrhoids, vaginal infections, leg cramps, carpel tunnel syndrome.

That does not include the additional pains and issue from labor nor does it include the entire list (i ran out of commercial

So can someone please tell me why women are "blessed" to be pregnant. I mean think about it...... the dad has all the same benefits after pregnancy and birth as the mom does and doesn't have to deal the side effects OR the labor OR the recovery.

Just a thought....

Pregnancy Dreams

Well after months of being pregnant I am starting to consistently dream about different stages of baby. Here are just a few recaps of the many I have enjoyed lately:

Protective Mommy:
Jeff and I are walking up our street for our morning exercise when a woman asks us to help her in her garage. We both walk up to help and from her table she pulls out a gun (in my mind whe was trying to kidnap me to have my baby). She pulls the gun out and I leap across the table at her, grab the gun and shoot her right in the middle of the forehead. :)
Version 2 - She lives because I only shoot her in her lower abdomen (where a baby could be) and her kneecap. That way she had to suffer in jail.


Saleswoman in labor:
Jeff and I are in the hospital bed and I'm all ready to push for baby and all the nurses are running about and I'm handing them all Mary Kay gift bags with a look book and I'm telling them to make sure they come back in about 10 minutes so we can then book their facials. I think my exact words in the dream were "If you could just give me 10 minutes to get this over with, then we can book those wonderful free facials for each of you!"

Last night I dreamt that Madison was born and she was a BIG OLE BABY! She had bright blue eyes, bright red hair and was just big and thick and heavy and she immediately started breastfeeding issues there (we jut did a 2.5 hr class on breastfeeding). When I say big and thick and heavy I MEAN IT, she was a solid hardcore thick girl, ready to knock zeus down she seemed so strong. :) My other girlfriend (unnamed) was there with me and she had her baby too and her baby was itty bitty, I mean premie size. Needless to say I wanted a small baby and she wanted a big ole plump baby so we were talking about what we ate and stuff so next time we did it right. LOL!

In most of my dreams I now acknowledge I'm pregnant, some I'm a spy doing all these hardcore spy stunts but I'm preggers, I've had one or two where I'm carrying an empty beer bottle around and everyone is staring and whispering LOL!, and a few other versions of the protective mommy dream (all end up with the other person dead).

So apparently I'll kill without a thought if there is a threat to me or Madison, I think that mentally I'm still in the same shape that I was pre baby, I apparently want an adult beverage and Madison is going to be a thick and heavy, blue eyed, red headed child (she'll take after Zeus). :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Please feel free to laugh at my pain......

So today is Monday and its almost over, YAHOO!

Here is just a brief recap of the high points of my day today:

5am - take Zeus and Renegade outside cause they are awake and I'm not sleeping anymore either. NOTE: picture the following section with big pregnant woman only wearing thongs........
Realize somehow the ants found a way inside at night and have taken over the dog food bowls and water bowls so I immediately grab up the food throw it in the trash, run water over the bowls, take the trash to the trash bin in the garage, grab a towel and wet it, start killing ants before the dogs can nab any food with an ant on it. Then I slow down, look around and find the trail to RAID. The trail goes inside the sliding door to somewhere as I move outside to RAID the little buggers my GIGANTIC left boob catches the door frame at the nipple and almost removes the whole damn thing..YES there was blood running down the boob and pregnant belly. CUTE! BTW nipples bleed....I had no idea! I lived, so lets move on...

OK - ants are dead and I'm Starving...but NO i can't eat because i'm fasting for my really cool glucose test at 8am. So off to shower and get dressed.

8am - test time. I drink the drink (it tastes like thick, flat better than I expected) then wait oh so patiently ....HUNGRY PREGNANT CHICK>>HELLO!!!....1 hr later the nurse calls me in, they draw my blood FINALLY I get to devour the apple sitting in my purse I was eyeing all morning! YUMMY! Except I take a nice chunk outta my tongue when excitedly chomping down! AWESOME! NOTE: work went late by 4 hours the night before so instead of having a good dinner before my fast all I had eaten was 2 small apples and a sandwich. But I lived, so lets move on...

1130am - baby brain gallore today!! I forgot everything I was supposed to grab from the house to take with me today to do marketing, errands, etc. So I decided to get a big lunch, take a nap and start over.

2pm - I finally get all the errand crap together and go on my way to complete the list. Check, Check, Check...headed home.

4pm - i decided to vaccuum downstairs because Jeff has been out of town and he did most of the cleaning this weekend because I was working. As I vaccuum the handle portion disconnects from the base portion and out flies something very HARD and very FAST...BAM! I get hit straight in the eye by this hard flying object. Luckily pain and I get along so its very tolerable, after the eye stops running I go take a look and WOWZERS...there is a HUGE blood hyphema but I can see just fine so I finish vaccuuming...this time in circles so I don't have to pull back in case it comes apart again.

But I lived, so lets move on.......

5pm - hubby gets home and suggests that I sit still, do not run up and down the stairs and maybe he should build padding around me until I can be supervised. LOL!

Its now after dinner. I did not use any sharp objects and stayed away from the gas burners.

I've researched the eye issue and it states "This is a medical emergency, make an appt or go to the emergency room!" WHAT?!?! i can see, it hurts a little, I'm FINE!
But then after reading that in 3-5 days the bleeding can get worse and without a dr checking it out eye issues could present themselves... I guess I'm off to the damn eye dr tomorrow. UGH!

Lets all just hope for my safety throughout the evening and that tomorrow will bring a bright n happy injury free day!

I am going to live and I am going to move on, even if I'm down one nipple, half my tongue and one eyeball! :) Please feel free to laugh at my pain...I am!