Thursday, October 29, 2009

Boxer Pumpkin

We bought a pumpkin and a carving kit and decided to carve our pumpkin tonight. This was my first time so it was def a team effort although Jeff did more of the details cause I have no patience. LOL!

Here are the results...Zeus hates his picture taken so these were fun to try and get. :)

Perfect Date

My hubby told me sunday to be ready at 5:30 and wear something warm after saying I want to take you somewhere really nice tonight for dinner...whats your absolute favorite? Steak of course, which he already knew but wanted to confirm.

So 5:30 he shows up, we leave and off we go driving away from town to an area I've not seen before so i can't even begin to guess what he has planned. As we drive farther and farther away from civilization and the sun starts to set I know we are headed somewhere not including a waiter...he really knows how to set up the perfect date for me. But I didn't know yet what all was to come.

We drive and drive and drive up and up getting beautiful sunset views on the way and on a side of a mountain and out onto a wide area where he backed the car up...ah the view...we layed the seats down in the back set up picnic and watched the city lights, the planes landing and stars come out.....the moon was just gorgeous too!

Dinner included flowers, red wine (my last drink, I quit), steak, hot link sausage, mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, and my other cheese and chips! How PERFECT!

We ate, snuggled, and were blessed with a few shooting stars.

I'd have to say it was the most perfect date I've ever had, EVER!

Monday, October 12, 2009


Job hunting sucks!

I've been blessed in my life, for the most part, of getting called about an opening or opportunity with a company. So the hunting part never really existed the opportunities just came.

Well the flip side to this whole job "hunting" thing is bull!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Carter Hays Cruise to Wellness Challenge

My trainer at D1 in Nashville, Mr. Carter Hays, is hosting a Cruise to Wellness fitness challenge. He is an ex-Navy Seal that is now dedicated to improving the health, well being and spirit of those he comes into contact with. I learned so much about fitness and myself while taking his intense bootcamp style classes at D1 in Nashville.

Here's some info:
Carter Hays
This Cruise into Wellness Challenge is to help you create the best year of your life. If you know 10 friends that are committed to wellness, that are looking to do something rather than avoid something this is the perfect way to kick off your year! H...ere's a quick overview:
* Team sign-ups are from 10/5 through 11/13 (if you don't have a team of 10, no problem, we will help fill up your team!)
* The contest runs from 11/16 through 2/16 (details to follow)
* Your team earns points weekly for wellness habits,i.e.(exercising, activity, eating healthy foods, sleep, reading daily, meditation/prayer time, saving a % of your paycheck and more) All details to follow...
* You will be on the Cruise into Wellness social network to encourage your teammates and shout out the competition, blog, forums, view my work-outs, daily nutrition tips and more...
* This Challenge is $99.00 per person and this covers the 3 months of the contest. You can up front at our web-site or pay 35.00 per month for three months
* This Cruise is ALL expenses paid; airfare to the ship, all on board expenses, bring your spouse (you cover airfare for spouse, we will pick-up everything else)
* Everyone on the winning team goes! Plus all other teams will have the opportunity to get a reduced fare if they'd like to join us!
* We will have brief wellness talks and workouts daily and fun, fun, fun
** More info will be on our website Monday

The website isn't up yet and if we don't have enough for a team, I can probably recruit some of my D1 cohorts that are going to join in with us. Please share with anyone you know that is serious about fitness and finding a healthier lifestyle for themselves.

If a team comes together I vow to be the team motivator and cheerleader to keep us focused and driven to go on a great cruise together! And as Carter said in apost...if you don't win you win a healthier you....whats better than that, plus we all learn from the greatest trainer I've ever know of...Carter Hays.

Let me know what you think.