Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pick one..Pink or Blue

So I pee on a stick just like the box says and there they are 2 lines, but one is lighter so being nervous to interpret the wrong answer I hightail it to Target. I gotta get a digital one, its easy to read. So I rush down the aisle, heartbeating like crazy with a huge grin on my face. I can't wait to get home so I run over the mall walk into the restroom at the foodcourt and once again pee on a stick.

I'm leaving the mall and look down and there it is in digital leaving no questions behind...YES

Okay so what now, before I actually was pregnant I had a whole variety of ways to tell that its real...I have absolutely none in my head. So I call Judi share the news with her, she screams, I scream, everyone screams then we talk about ways to tell him. I wanted to wait a week or so but knew I couldn't hold it in. Especially since one year ago to the day he asked me to marry him. So he surprised me, my turn to surprise him.

He comes home I suggest a restaurant for an appetizer before we both have to go to work. He says "Why are you so giddy?" ...I just couldn't contain myself.

So here we go off to lunch and I tell I have to run to target to get something i'll be right back. So I run off, back to target, while he's waiting at the restaurant. I run up and down the card aisle trying to find something to fit congratulations your gonna be a daddy...found something and made it work...then off to the baby section (which I have never been in EVER before). I was hoping to find some cute something to give him with the card. I finally find a Onesie that says "Wild About Daddy" and off I go to the restaurant.

We sit at the bar, order, eat and by now he has usually left to have a cigarette. well he takes his sweet time this day and I didn't think he would ever go outside. He finally goes outside and run to the back of the restaurant hunting our bt/server. I say I need you to make a pink drink and a blue drink before he gets back inside please. Bartender obliges and makes the drinks. I cover them up with a napkin and place the card in front of the covered drinks.

Jeff comes in, I uncover the drinks hand him the card and say...Pick one Jeff "pink or blue?" He says "What?" I say "PICK ONE...PINK OR BLUE?" The lightbulb goes off and he says "Umm..Blue." & "No way, are you for real?" I say " Yes I'm for real" He read the card, everything sunk in and he hugged me, cried and I handed him the onesie. We went through waves of emotions from laughing to acting like toddlers with rattlers shaking our hands around. Then he says "Whoo hoo! My boys can swim!" HAHA!

We walked around the area and let it all sink in, then off to work we went.

It was a great day of many and we are blessed to be so lucky!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Zeus Kapone Brandenburg

Zeus is a very unpredictable, hilarious and loving dog. Yesterday was one of these hilarious moments (and more proof why is nickname is "short bus").....

Jeff and I are in my shower and Zeus is at the door so I open it and low and behold he comes on in too. This was hilarious for Jeff and I and we were actually a tad shocked. Zeus hates baths. So since he was in there and didn't seemed to be in a hurry to leave he got a shower too! We couldn't stop laughing and are still giggling at how silly Zeus can be.

Today he stuck his head in and decided not to come in all the way but maybe we found his new way of taking a bath, he just wants a shower like the rest of us.

Now added to the ever growing list of Zeus' oddities:
Likes regular showers