Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Zillow dreams

I like to play on Zillow to keep up with prices of not only our place but of homes in the area and of course back home in TN.

Its shocking to me how little you get out here in CA. We could have this amazing property in Franklin, TN (its actually in the Leipers Fork area where the country music stars live). Franklin is the "money" area of Nashville and a great little town with great schools. Yet still there are great finds like this


To find something of this size, with land and a large pool it would cost you millions in CA..not $319,000. Had to share cause its so totally shocking. AND there isn't any property tax in TN. Crazy huh! Add 50,000 to this and the availability of some amazing homes creeping up on 4,000sq ft with land and a pool are available everywhere. Wanna live on the lake..ok that will be 350,000 please.

Nashville has its share of expensive homes in all areas but there are so many more amazing finds available.

And everyone wonders why I still wanna live there. LOL! A girl can dream right!

Madison's Best Friend

Zeus...Madison's new favorite buddy. She crawls on him, pounds on him, slaps him, pulls him and is always trying to be next to him. Its so sweet. He just sits there and lets her do whatever..even take his bone away from him.

Its so sweet to see my BIG baby boy love his new lil sister so much.

He really has been attached to her since we brought her home. It started with guarding the door no matter what room we were in, or sitting next to her and guarding her from Renegade. Its been really great cause we were worried before she got here cause he's such an attention needing pup.

I have a few videos of this cute activity but can't get them to play on my computer. :( So they will live on my phone for a while, maybe I can share another time.

So happy our sweet kids love each other so much.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Madison is....

A Crawling Machine
Couch, Chair, Mini Table Cruiser (wobbly walk while holding on)
Pull up on everything to stand
A Giggle Box
Constantly Smiling
not a daycare fan (she just loves her family!)
6 teeth and more coming any day
still getting the "cutest baby ever" from a stranger at least twice a day
so funny
so smart
9 months old (plus a bit, I'm late)
20lbs (give or take a half pound)
28.5 inches long
just wonderful!

Angels Among Us

There are times and events in which we are blessed to find ourselves in the presence of angels on earth. Many of us find that these angels come to us at different points..some are friendships that happen too fast, some are strangers that act in a way that makes you feel you've known them forever, and some come when you least expect.

I have been blessed with many angels on my path. Friends that I feel even though we are apart right now my life is so much better having met them, shared life with them and that they are gracious enough to put up with my craziness and let me hang around. To my girls and guys I love you so much and thanks for everything.

Upon finding (again) and marrying my soulmate, Jeff I not only found my life long partner but was blessed with a angel..a true gift from god in my life..his mother Sue. After losing my mom there has been a true void in my soul that I have tried to fill with many things and none of them quite fit like Sue.

Its funny cause mother in laws don't have the best reputation out there in the world and I'm sure there are some crazies, boy the movie industry sure can show ya. Not mine. She is the best example of how mother in laws should be, she's an amazing example of what a mom should be and she's the perfect grandma. I'd write a list of all the great things she is but my girlfriends have said it for me, "Wow Jamie...That Sue is simply amazing, you are one lucky girl." This is after spending only a day with her. And they are absolutely right..I am one lucky girl.

Here's to all your wonderful Angels on this earth...give them a note to tell them just how special they are, they might need to hear it. Love you all!