Wednesday, October 5, 2011

1 year

I'm so late and so behind on keeping up. Maybe its that I'm working and getting busier, maybe its that I have a full blown walking machine on my hands or maybe I'm just finding something to blame. :)

Goodness where to start...

Quick checklist first:

Madisons first steps were around 11 months (now this is free standing no walker steps)usally 3-5 before plopping down. :)
She began full blown walking at 1 and at 12.5 months has pretty much got it down pat
She signs or speaks: hungry, more, all done, dog, mooo (for what the cow says), this, thank you, tickle, brush your teeth
she blows kisses
she waves hi and bye (cute princess royalty wave)
she does touchdown
she dances (booty bounce and hip shake)
she brushes her teeth (after telling you she wants to and showing you were it is)
She will go show whatever she has to whomever you tell her to show. As long as its daddy, papa, nana or mommy.
She will go get minnie, mickey or cookie monster if you ask her "where is.."
We pat pat pat and kick kick kick and tickle tickle tickle..our car routine mixed with a touchdown here and there. :)
she hates milk in a sippy cup and now prefers more nursing
she walks laps and laps and laps and laps and laps and laps..this means we are now down to one small leg roll and its sad!
She zerberts mommy and giggles
she still plays tricks on us
goodness she adds new great things all the time I'm sure I've missed some.

Her favorite things to do are dance, push the button, brush her teeth, be outside, and look at Nana's picture book.

she eats whatever but LOVES: Snack n go applesauce, fruit (by the pound), peas, wheat waffles, pancakes and eggs.

She is anything Minnie Mouse (or Mickey). She can spot minnie from across a crowded room and LOVES LOVES LOVES anything with Minnie on it. Mommy got her first "your so cool" look when I surprised her with my minnie mouse pj pants. She will be minnie for halloween and I think it'll be a minnie christmas this year! :)

Nothing but joy these days. Watching her walk around and dress more and more like a little girl make me sad but its so awesome I can't help but love it.

We also got to view Madison's magazine debut as a baby model. Super cute. She was in Gurgle and the baby model for Tiny Turnip's baby sock product. Pretty cool.

I'll try to update some pictures and videos soon!

laughter is abundant from this sweet little girl