Saturday, October 23, 2010

A melting heart

Returning home from date night to pick Madison up, saying hi to her and getting an adorable "hi mommy" smile back in return.

Melt your heart moment!

Friday, October 22, 2010

You Learn As They Grow

Part One of new mommy moments cause I'm sure there will be MULTIPLE parts to come...

So we are at church one Sunday morning and near the end of service Madison wakes up to feed, she then on our way to the restroom to change her decides to projectile spit her recent meal all over herself and me. So I get her in the bathroom, wipe her down, go back out to get her extra outfit...back into the restroom we go to change outfits. UH OH....the onesie in there is NB size. Its a bigger NB size so maybe it'll work...I get her changed...needless to say the poor girl looked like she had a spandex onsie on. I felt like the worst mom.
NOTE TO SELF: when they grow you have to update the diaper bags too!

While heading out for a day of errand running I decide to use the Baby Bjorn instead of stroller. She likes it better anyway. I'm in target and decide to try something on, I get us and the outfit into the dressing room and then bust out laughing at myself...WHERE AM I GONNA PUT THE BABY WHILE I CHANGE CLOTHES?!?!?!? I finally figured something out and then sat in the dressing room for a feeding as well.
NOTE TO SELF: if you plan on undressing while shopping you need a place to put the baby!

You learn as they grow I guess!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Baby Talk

Jeff said something to me the other day that got me to thinking....

Madison had a rough day and when he got home she was stilling having a rough one. Just unhappy unless nursing and not getting much sleep. While he was holding her and trying to soothe her I said "its been like this all day, poor girl." He said "how do you keep your sanity?"

Here is the answer to that and maybe my view is much different than that of many mommies out there...Its not about me, its about her.

Imagine if your only form of communication was to cry and no one could figure out what you were saying. You would be insanely irritated and even fussier. Babies can have up to 90 different cries. My job as a mom is to learn these cries and calm baby as best I can...luckily for her current cries and fussies nursing fixes them both, the hungry and the gassy.

Baby talk may not be easy to understand or easy to deal with, but its all they can do. So for now I'll listen to my baby talk and do all I can to understand and act as quickly as possible.

We are lucky and do not have a fussy baby so my point of view may be different if we did. But, I'd like to think I would still put her first and continue to listen to her talk to me, whether its oohs and aahs or cries and screams.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Magnificent Madison

I'll let the pictures do the talking here....THANKS to Faith In Focus Photography!