Monday, July 26, 2010

Nursery Update

Still working on simple things, furniture additions but here are some pics of the nursery....

Awesome Hubby!

The card front cover:

My belly hangs over my jeans.
My boobs hang over my bell.

Inside of the card:

These are NOT the kind of hangovers I want to have.

This card makes me giggle so I keep it on my desk. He got it for m just as a thank you for all my body and mind have been going through the last few months with the sweet!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

All Things Madison (clothes, nursery and fun baby things)

Pictures and painting and preparing OH MY!

Nursery is Choc brown and Honeydew Green and its PERFECT!! The crib bedding set is light green, dark green, orange, brown and yellow circles with a whittish cream background and I'm in love with it!

There are fun things to put up like turtles, frogs and other decor items. I get to play arts and crafts (not my favorite thing in the world but its for my little girl) and paint all the letters of her name the same choc brown as the bottom wall so the letters match.

I'm having a saying designed at some point (hopefully before she's here but if it takes a while no worries) to have in large script on the wall across from her crib it was what I used to tell my mom "I love you all the grains of sand in the world"

Pictures came in so we've got some framing to do, we have some additional organizing of things and of course will have to work on a lot more to get it all ready, but for the most part (except the crib and a few essential registry items like stroller and carseat) if she came today we could manage. She has more clothes than any newborn should need so pretty much we are baby ready. But we hope she gives us enough time to do all the things we want to do before she gets here.

We have 8 weeks to go and a lot can happen in 8 weeks so it will all get done and it will all be MAGICALLY MADISON!

All things Madison (drs and classes)

I've been doing a poor job of keeping my blog and the baby website up to date so here goes.....

A few weeks ago at our regular appt there were signs of a heart problem so I was rushed off to a clinic by the hospital to monitor her heart. The monitoring showed signs of a slight arythmia and they wanted to ship me off to a specialist that afternoon or the next day, but since I've already been seeing a specialist due to the calcium deposit in her left ventricle they decided that I would just keep that appt and monitor her daily.

The specialist appt proved that there is a slight arythmia and its too early to do much about except watch and hope it works itself out. Regardless I was given some rules to follow: No caffeine at all, no chocolate (no worries there), stay away from sugary foods, keep my heart rate down and most of all DO NOT STRESS AT ALL!!

She is a very active baby so its pretty obvious when she's not moving correctly and one night/morning she had me worried cause she was super sluggish and it took a long time to "count her kicks" vs the norm. That afternoon all was well again and I was happy.

This weeks reg drs checkup we scored all A's: no sign of the arythmia at that moment, weight gain looked good, measurements were good, bp good, etc, etc. YAY FOR MADISON, YAY FOR MOMMY!!!

Baby class #3: Parenting for your Upcoming Newborn
Class 1 of 3: we practiced holds, swaddling, changing the diaper, and learned a lot about the 5 S's to calm a crying baby and learned a lot about what to expect a far as what the baby will look like for the first 10 days or so...not as cute as the magazines thats for sure! NOTE: Jeff's hands are the size of the entire babydoll it was really quite interesting to watch him change that little diaper! :)

Cramps, cramps, cramps....yep they are back. very random but def back. Last night I was giggling for about 30 minutes cause I couldn't stand up and turning over was to say the least NOT pleasant. (if you don't know, I laugh when I'm in a ton of pain, moan and complain and say I'M FINE when its tolerable and if it ever goes beyond laughing...I'll have to let ya know, I've not reached that amount of pain yet). So last night I had really really bad cramping WORSE than any period I've ever had, they never made me laugh. But since my dr and I just talked about cramping and if it was random not to worry, I didn't and am not! :)

There is the recap of the last 3 weeks of All Things Madison by way of Drs and Classes

Friday, July 2, 2010

Sweet Southern Comfort....

I miss that sweet southern comfort something crazy!! I've been missing it more and more lately but today MOST definitely.

Today was pretty intense at work and hotter than HAITIS!!!! Traffic was typical, which for out here typical = sucks! Got home 2 hours after I left work and the hubby had had a few drinks, not that its bad and not that he shouldn't, just the smell of alcohol absolutely repulses me preggers so it wasn't the warm welcome I expected after a tough day. Again, not his fault, just a preggers chick thing.

BUT THEN>>>> I arrive to find a big box on my front porch and come to find its a gift from my BFF Melissa in Korea...its Madison's crib bedding set and it just made the world right again. I don't need presents to fix crappy days but TODAY'S was absolutely perfect!!

Melissa - I love you, you are fantabulous and I miss your hugs something crazy!!!

It was nice to come home to a little sweet southern comfort, even though a hug would've been AWESOME ;)!!

On another note I think California should be more like Tennessee......but then again it wouldn't be California. Not real sure why people live out here, but one thing I know...if they knew what that sweet southern comfort was and how great it can make your world...they'd all move to the south! :)