Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pregnancy workouts

So back in my gym routine until the end of pregnancy, unless the DR kicks me out of the gym too. I am obviously NOT killing it like normal but I'm atleast in there with a plan of action and I'm doing it.

Today....I had a laughing session when doing my last excercise. In between reps of my leg curls with the ball I was sitting up with the ball resting while I stretched a little. I looked up and just LAUGHED AND LAUGHED...good thing it was really early and the room was not crowded. I must say it was a great example of just how BIG i feel so I had to snap a pic!



Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I never though my belly would ever actually touch my boobs and my boobs touch my chin...but in my current sitting position on the couch, that's what Im experiencing!


Monday, May 10, 2010

All the grains of sand in the world....

When I was 3 or 4 and my mom was giving me a bath I said to her "I love you!" and she said "How much" after minutes of pondering I said "I love you all the grains of sand in the world!"

My mom told me this story when I was older and it stuck from then on. This became a saying that was written on every card, sometimes it would be the only thing I would write in a letter to her from college and the last thing I whispered in her ear the moment she died as well as my last words to her when we buried her and everytime I have the opportunity to visit her grave.

This is a saying I will say to my little Madison in hopes it becomes something special to her as well.

Mothers Day's have always been hit or miss for me emotionally....some are very easy some are very hard and some are middle of the road. Yesterday was somewhere from easy to middle of the road. I wish that she was here to share her wisdom, her smile and her never ending, always emitted positive energy and vibe with our much bigger family here in California and our little Madison Olivia when she says embraces us in her heart on the day she is born.

My mother passed of lung cancer the semester I was graduating college, just after her birthday in February. Its incomprehensable to fathom how something so small, a cigarette or second hand smoke, can take away something so amazing and beautiful as fast as it can. Not even all the grains of sand in the world can put up a fight!

Sissy aka Olivia Diane - I will always love you all the grains of sand in the world and I miss you terribly at this time in my life!!! Your forever grateful little girl - Jamie

Monday, May 3, 2010

Soul Rejuvenation

So today I had my first real depressed moment about being pregnant. Yes, tears were there, not many, but they were there. On a daily basis (once the belly popped) I go through a mental battle to put that smile on my face. It usually only lasts a minute or two and my mind over matter strengths kick in and I kick that frown upside down. Easy breezy.

Today was not easy breezy. I was driving to Target to get Zeus some more dog food and my hubby some cold medicine when this lady, that I see all the time doing her normal run, was booking it down the sidewalk. Every light I sat at, there she went just a booking it by me while I sat idle in the car. Sitting idly knowing it'll be a long time before I can get out there and book it like her. Today it put me in a poopy mood that I just could not shake. So here come some tears, probably more because I couldn't shake it outta my head (this is something I pride myself in being able to do, mind over matter is a great strenght of mine) than the fact that I really miss the soul rejuvenation and natural high I get out of running. It takes one good run and I'm rejuvenated for days!!

Too bad none of the pregnancy books talk about a natural high or complete soul rejuvenation that you get at month or week X of your pregnancy. Instead you get a lot of OMG I hope that doesn't happen to me or really I can't do that or I can't eat that or COME ON DOC...PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE CAN I????? The answer is usually no. I hate NO.

So I'm doing other things to rejuvenate my soul and hopefully these coming days my attempts at replacing running with work, projects, trips and friends will pay off. Hopefully I won't go to poopy face again cause after that I gotta say my daily mental struggle is A-OK with me.

Soul rejuvenation I will find a way to get you, pregnant or NOT!