Thursday, July 14, 2011

All Things Madison (past due update)

I'm so behind, this working mom thing is for someone else...LOL! I can't do it all, but I'm magically scrapping by each day.

My sweet little Madison is growing up way to fast she's trying to walk and enjoys a few steps while you hold her hands and eats like a toddler. Crazy.

Here are some of the things we've been doing:
Cruising on furniture
Standing for about 6 weeks now
swimming lessons and TONS of pool time
dancing to all types of music, especially the hot dog song, signing times, country and oddly enough, latin dance music. :) She does this adorable booty bounce hop thing....if she were 16 I'd be worried (following in mommy's dancing steps too closely).

She definitely knows "Ahah" and "No ma'am". Even after she's been told if she goes to do it she shakes her head no acknowleding she's not supposed to put dog food in her mouth or eat daddy's shoes. If you say No Ma'am she shakes her head smart!

She loves egg noodles,croissants, avocado, ravioli, mac n cheese, blueberries, bananas and she is a yogurt SNOB! If we pull out the yogurt tub to feed her after some other food she won't eat the other food, just the yogurt. We have to leave the tub in the fridge so that she doesn't know and then bring it out later. Again, little smarty pants.

Madison has always been one that knows exactly what it is she wants and won't just take anything. Even when picking out toys at the store. If she points to an array of items and you hand her one if its not right she will shake her head no or push it away. If its the right one she smiles and grabs it with love. She is the same way with everything and I think its wonderful. It will be hard when she's 2 and I don't buy the princess doll she really wants, but in the words of my mother..its better to have now than not at all. (sorry daddy :)

Madison is a little jokester. And she cracks herself up when playing her joke on me and daddy. Its so funny. For example: After we put on her diaper she will start to roll herself over while we try to put on her pants and she gets half way and just giggles and giggles and flops back on her back. Its funny to us cause she gets this cute mischevious look on her face before she does it. She gets the same look when she's hiding food in her chair instead of eating it. So funny. I'm in for some great laughs in the future and I can't wait.

Zeus still doesn't understand why Madison doesn't throw the rope when he drops it in her lap. :) Sweet Zeus..he knocked Madison over the other morning on accident and immediately went into his crate. Such a good boy. She wasn't hurt and didn't cry so he wasn't in trouble but its great that he knew even though he didn't mean to, that it wasn't ok.

Our little Madison is creeping up on 1 year and the party planning has been in the works, but I have yet to pull the trigger on anything...GOTTA GET TO'll be here tomorrow! Can't believe it!

Madison, thanks for being the happiest, gigglinest, sweetest baby EVER!