Thursday, May 24, 2012

Glowing Soul

I never knew that my soul could glow so vibrantly that I could actually feel it shine. Hearing M say "Daddy/Mommy I DO!" was so sweet, so adorable, so heart touching. But to hear my baby girl say "I love you Daddy" and "I love you Mommy". Boy that's like being served up a slice of sunshine by the hand of god himself just to show you what it's all about and what having your soul glow like the sun truly feels like. Nothing beats that.

8 hours

I posted previously that M sang her alphabet to letter i and then mouthed the rest. Well she went to bed, woke up and sang the ENTIRE thing! It's amazing what can happen during this stage of development in just 8 short hours!

Monday, May 21, 2012

20 months and counting

My goodness time is flying. I've been doing a good job of capturing video and photos but not a lot of blogging. Here are a few of M's (and our) new favorite things/sayings etc. Airplanes and Helicopters..the girl can hear them long before we can. Impressive! Big and little...she loves telling you what is big vs what is little. Big rock, big truck, little rock, little truck. I love you daddy/mommy...this is my favorite! Madison bless you..after you sneeze Your welcome..she's says thank you and sometimes your welcome Feeding the dogs, throwing the ball for the dogs, snacking on dog food, telling on the dogs, cuddling with the dogs What's that. Followed by repeating what you say Singing: twinkle twinkle little star, rock a bye baby, Counting 1 to 10 Singing Abc's all the way I and if you sing the rest in front of her she mouths the rest of it She sings some of 1,2 buckle my shoe etc... Coloring crazy Hanging! Literally hanging... She hangs from our table and picks her feet up like a gymnast. Or if at the park she hangs from anything she can. Super upper body strength goodness she is a fish. Her new floaty is awesome. She sees it and says "I put it on." "I go in the pool". She is so comfortable in the water it's borderline scary for me. ;) She says I'm Sorry if she hurts you..either by accident or on purpose (when she is frustrated). She says "I like it" for things she likes. She knows all her friends names, she tells you what she wants to eat, she knows so many animals and sounds, she knows red, black, grey, green, blue, yellow, pink. She is starting to want to potty train and school and us are doing all we can to support and help the process. It's cute. She likes her food whole and still loves her bottle. This is not a fight we are gonna take on just yet, but will. Outside!!!! She loves outside, she gets cabin fever super easy. She makes sure we all have shoes, and then we can go outside. She would play outside all day if we could. The southern tomboy in me smiles every time she throws a rock or plays in the dirt. An amazing 20 months!!!!