Saturday, April 16, 2011

7 months of cuteness

Madison has done some amazing things in her first 7 months and many of them early. No matter when it happens its all so darn cute!!

Her most recent accomplishments include:

clapping, even on demand
saying: "dada", "baba", "ma", "gg", "d", "good" and any combination of those
playing peek a boo. This is a family favorite, she will pull up her blanket or toy or whatever is around her and cover her eyes then put it down real fast and look at you...expecting "peek-a-boo". She loves it!!
she's a sippy cup pro
she does a full arm stretch when she wants you to hold her. Nana is actually the only one that has gotten a full arm stretch, mommy and daddy get more of a chicken arm lift (elbows up). :)
and..drum roll....a few weeks ago she started to CRAWL! yep only two or three solid steps at a time before shes onto the tummy, but she's getting better and better.

She is starting this really cute thing where she turns her head all the way to the side to look at you...its too funny. Madison has become a social butterfly and outings, trips and visits are such a joy now. She is becoming quite the little well behaved girl.....hoping this lasts (until she's 3 that is, then I'll just keep her home hahaha). :)

Failing Miserably

1. Getting to daycare and realizing the diaper bag and milk are still on the bar stool
2. repeat number 1
3. go shopping with daddy and we BOTH leave the diaper bag at home..luckily we didn't need it
4. Miscalculating how much M is overeating at daycare (or how much they are overfeeding her)..resulting in stress on mommy every day as to whether or not she has enough.
5. not refilling diaper bag with diapers.
6. not replacing outfit at daycare to fit her growing size
7. no socks..yep NO socks for M. (this really isn't my fault..none of them fit her right now)
8. leaving home without pacifiers (luckily M is not big with pacifiers, but they do help sometimes)

Sincerely -

Your failing miserably super mom! :)