Thursday, February 16, 2012


10 years ago today I lost the most beautiful smile I'd ever seen and the most amazing laughter I'd ever heard. The passing of my beautiful mom Olivia Diane aka Sissy.

In the past 10 years I've graduated college, moved up the work ladder, moved to a city I now know in my soul is my home and once again will be, I also got married to an amazing man whom she would LOVE so very very much, I've given birth to an amazing daughter that Sissy would spoil like crazy and I'm now pregnant with another precious child.

She would spoil our kids to the point of irritation if she were here and keep us all fat and happy with her amazing southern food. But the best of all is she would make us all sit and watch old tapes of me in dance recitals and remind us all of how fun life can truly be by sharing fun stories in a way that you can picture yourself in them even though you weren't there.

I share our stories, our moments, our laughter and of course her recipes. :) Its my way of keeping that amazing woman in my life.

Sissy I love you all the grains of sand in the world and now more than ever you are truly and deeply missed!!