Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Commitment or Lack there of.....

OK so I've noticed over the years and its even a statistic now that a lot of people have issues with committing to things. What really got me thinking was a commercial on tv that states 80% of people don't keep promises or resolutions, etc. A commitment is a promise, a vow...not something to be taken lightly. I've been racking my brain trying to figure out what it is that makes people think its ok to say they will do something then just not do it.

My Theory is based on a story I was told by a friend of mine that coached baseball and how annoying it was that the parents didn't make the kids that signed play every game, come to practice, etc.

So....I think that when parents allow kids to half-ass commitments when they are younger it lays the groundwork for them thinking its ok to do so as adults. I was not allowed such a laxidasical raising and maybe that is why when I say I am going to do something, I do it. So thanks Mom and Dad!

So if you have committed to something, find it deep in yourself to stay committed and reach your goals. Its not always easy, but its time to overcome what you were taught as a kid and be an adult. I'm not generally one to favor bad parenting for issues in people (abuse is a different case) cause I think we all, at some point, have a choice and we choose either the right path or the wrong path. However in this instance lack of discipline in children is the only basis I have on why people just don't care if they reach their goals or not.

So..stay focused, choose the right path for you and reach your goals!

Monday, February 1, 2010

The First 8 weeks recap

Week 1: Body getting ready
Week 2: Still working on eggs and things
Week 3: Daddies swimmers work we have implantation
Week 4: Cells are multiplying like crazy but we don't know for sure yet if we are pregnant
Week 5: No period, hmm?
Week 6: OK take a test? But everytime I take a test I start within a few hours. Wait a day or two. OK take a test. TEST POSITIVE! AHHHH!! WHOOHOO!! YAY!! Wow am I tired and why do I only want to eat fruit!

Week 7:
Baby: lots of growth has happened kidneys, spinal cord starting, brain, eyes, ears, arms, legs, heart all while the size of blueberry...this week mostly arms and legs start to form. None of the above are fully formed but the cells are starting and getting ready.

Momma: Buy books, read, join every online website for mommies to be and baby updates. Tired a lot,still want fruit..... oh pineapple, apples, grapes, clementines, grapefruit and oranges how wonderful you are! oops I didn't eat, I feel nauseous oh no NEED FOOD NOW! Oh yay food, now where's my bed I need a nap! New bras, yep the old ones decided to self unsnap in public, time to go up a size.

Week 8:
Baby: Making fingers and toes, lungs, nerve cells are forming in the brain.
Momma: Still tired, a little more in tune to eating constantly but small bits, I should have stock in pineapple and yogurt, bloating like crazy!!! (i swear some days I look 4-5 months pregnant), new bras getting tighter already...uh oh, Official pregnancy weight gain 3-5lbs (it varies daily).

Our Little Peanut

Can't wait to hold this precious baby growing like a weed in my belly. He is 8 weeks old and has a perfect heartbeat of 150beats per minute. The pic shows L to R Head, body with arm buds, leg buds and yolk sac.

We are just so darn excited!

List of OBGYN ?'s and answers from visit number 1

Listed in the exact order asked: (priorities..haha)

1.) Can I still run the half marathon in April?

2.)Can I ride roller coasters?
Dr rolls her eyes and says GEEZ...
Yes, but only til you fit in them. HEHE!

3.) I run a lot is that ok?
DR: How much do you run?
ME: Well I run about 6-9 miles 3 days a week and then less on the other days then I go to spin class and workout with weights.
DR:No more long days...max should be about 5miles or less, NO spin class, and weights are ok maybe stick with light weights and high reps.

4.)I get no tanning bed but what about spray tan?

5.) When can I get my hair colored?
You can't, wait it out.
****There are multiple views on this and since my hair is basically black naturally the amount of time I have to go would not be kosher for my job so I will be doing a natural treatment, avoiding the scalp with my SIL after my first trimester. Headed back to my natural color, there is no time for treatments now anyway.

6.) What medicine can I take?
Tylenol and sudafed


7.)I'll have more next time doc. Thanks!