Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What I can feel....

I couldn't feel my contractions today but I'd like you to imagine this feeling...

Your pelvic bone feeling so bruised with every step and movement that you think it had to have been punched and kicked all night long.

This is NOT fun for me, I'd like to go back to the pain free contractions please!


While sitting at her heart monitoring session today the nurse goes..."oooh theres a contraction, did you feel it?" I answered "No"

This happened a few times during the monitoring and this made me very very happy! Not that I was having contractions but that I COULDN'T FEEL THEM!! YAHOO!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Drama is for teenagers not adults.

Quote of the Year

"This pregnancy thing is really easy." - Jeff Pacula

Birthing Class Outbursts

As you all know, I tend to say exactly what I'm thinking...I have no filter. Sometimes its simply funny, sometimes its simply rude and people get all hurt (truth hurts sometimes anyway), and sometimes its totally inappropriate and I bow my head afterwards wondering where to hide.....

Most of you have experienced these "outbursts" with me and know first hand what I'm talking about.

Here's one more for the books:

While our gingerbread fairy birthing instructor is telling us about recovery, etc. She says the books tell you you can return to normal a normal sex life in 6 weeks, the reality is more like 10-12 weeks.


Audience: complete silence, glaring eyes from the females in the room and I think the instructors jaw dropped a little I def know her eyes got big.

Supporting hubby (with a tad lil bit of embarrasment I'm sure): "Thanks babe, you just said what all the guys in the room were thinking."

We both one else does. NICE, REALLY NICE!

Good thing I didn't keep going and say I thought 6 weeks was the LONG estimate, not the early estimate and that 6 weeks was WAY WAY WAY too long as it is. Regardless, I managed to do it again...good job Brandenburg! (i revert back to my maiden name when these moments occur, no need to taint another name! LOL)

But hey, thats me, raw and real....take it or leave it!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rotten Egg

As we leave our Labor and Birth Preparation class last night and are nearing the car, Jeff spontaneously says "Last one to the car is a Rotten Egg!"

So I decide to start shuffling my feet faster, so does he, so I take off on a full on pregnancy sprint (def NOT a sprint) towards the car and slam my hand (to help me stop more than anything) on it first. Whew...I'm not the rotten egg.

Neither one of us actually expected me to run and it was definitely a slow motion process from shuffle to pregnancy sprint. By the time we got to the car (which wasn't far at all...maybe 3 spaces away) we were laughing so hard!! I was laughing so hard I was crying. If only Jeff would have had a video camera with him, it was absolutely hilarious. He said it looked more like gliding than running but I sure was pumping those arms to get me there...oh what good times. Needless to say I am NOT the rotten egg. Even pregnant I'm as competitive as ever, Jeff was kind enough not rob me of my win cause he saw how hard I was trying.

We haven't laughed so hard and so completely for a very long time!!

The aftermath of my preggers sprint is not any fun... my pelvic bone is super bruised and my ligaments are super strained from the bouncing, but it was all worth it. That is a memory we will have forever!!

The last one to the car is a rotten egg game is one I'm sure we will always play, especially now!!

Monday, August 2, 2010


I'm setting goals today for post baby athletic abilities and figure achievements.

Here are a few:
obviously start running as soon as physically and medically possible!
Sunday Mar 2011 Half OR Full Marathon
4-30-11 Country music marathon Nashville if I can make the trip
6-5-11 Rock N Roll San Diego Half Marathon
Next Sept Lake Tahoe Half OR Full Marathon (if we've decided to wait on baby number 2)
The hard part is I can barely walk now so any amount of cardio kills me! Its crazy!

Get my muscles back!!!!
This will take months of hardcore gym training but with the running and the breastfeeding and a healthy diet I'm hoping I surprise myself and my muscle memory shocks me and I'm back quicker than I think! :) I LOVE exceeding goals! :)

If we don't have plans for baby number 2 right away then I plan to get a trainer (after I've done my part) and get show ready for a competition in the fall of 2011 or spring of 2012 this is a BIG goal and will take lots of support of every single person in my life! If we do plan on baby number 2 right away then this will move to POST baby number 2.

So the goals are in place, gotta write out the path to get there but mentally I'm so very ready!!

Here's to achieving goals!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Well Hello 31!

31 came quickly but I guess thats to be expected because 30 was filled with our wedding, a BIG move across the U.S. and making a baby!

Well I must say if my birthday this year is an example of how wonderful 31 will be, I will be one very satisfied and happy girl!

Nothing in our house is done small or without some sort of birthday was not exempt from this rule. I was told what to pack and given a few small hints of what we could be doing. Wednesday afternoon we hit the road.....heading south.

Just before arriving at stop number 1 I start asking tons of questions (ok so I was doing this for days...bless him)....the closer we get I say "Are we going to Joe and Rosalies?" (his brothers in San Diego) He says well yeah but just for a minute and proceeds to tell me we are going to be staying the weekend on Coronado Island in a condo by the water. SWEET!! We stop in at J&R's, say hi to the kids, play with Duke (their German Shepard pup), get the keys to the condo and off we go.

Surprise to both of us...the condo is actually now a 5Br/4.5Ba home on the water!! SUPER SWEET!! We unpack, relax in the amazing jacuzzi (don't worry we set it low for me and Madison per dr's orders) and eat bday dinner...of course it was steak! YAY for birthdays!!

OK....morning of the big 3-1...bfast is had overlooking the water and there are a couple more presents to be opened (I got to open 2 prior to my bday). The total of my presents that I unwrapped included the new Eminem CD aka lyrical badass (love it!), 1,2,3,4 new shirts for this big belly, and a swiffer wetjet (I was sooo totally excited about this one cause I can't clean the tile the way my momma taught me at my size, getting on all 4's on hard tile at my size is NO GOOD! Then he tells me that I need to be ready to leave the house by 1130am and that we have a BIG day ahead of us.

We head across the bridge to the Gaslamp district (if I wasn't preggers we would have been out dancing and drinking one night, but thats for the next trip down!). I'm told we are meeting someone and later that day seeing an old friend...CURIOUS GEORGE HERE, yep more questions. Ok so we get parked and start walking downtown and finally after walking and looking he says ok close your eyes and he turns me towards the AT&T store!!!!!! YAHOOOOOO I'm getting a new phone, I'm getting a new phone, I'm getting the new 4G iphone!!!! (my 3G has been kicked and dropped and thrown across bars and well beat up pretty bad). HOW COOL IS THIS!!!!! OK next...we leave our parking spot and head out, now its time to meet an old friend, we drive by Petco Park (if you don't know thats where the Padres play)and he points over and says we are here...YIPPEE!!! I get to go see my old friend from Knoxville, Chase, play!!!! He plays 3rd base for the Padres and I haven't seen him play live since he left UT and was signed. HOW COOL IS THIS!!!!! So now I send a text to Chases' older brother Nate, my very very very close friend from Knoxville to brag about going to the game for my bday.....well HELLS BELLS...GUESS WHO IS IN TOWN FOR THE GAME TOO!! NATEDAWG is here! So we meet up with Nate, shoot the shit and all go to the game. Jeff had no idea Nate was in town, but without him thinking of such an amazing bday present I would have missed an amazing buddy that I do miss a lot! He's just good like that! It was so perfect that it couldn't have been planned! Jeff had one very happy and giddy girl on his hands. At the game which was UBER hot I made it to the 7th inning before having to leave, it was super hot, we were right in the sun and I walked a good bit downtown so I was pretty drained (its sad I know!). So we head back to the island for dinner. On the way I get blessed with my first taste of contractions, more than the silly little braxton hicks things that I've gotten, those things are a joke.... (thanks madison, just what I always wanted for my bday!) But I made it through a very relaxing (minus contractions) dinner outside in the cool night air. We headed back to the house and I continued with the contractions for another hour and then they were done. We relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the evening.

The next morning we wake up, hang outside, relax in the jacuzzi and since the sun decided to hide this day we went to see SALT at the movies (loved it!!) and then over to J&R's for a bday dinner with them. It was really great!! Gabriella (my neice) made me a red velvet cake MY FAVORITE and I received even more gifts! HOW COOL!

The last morning we relaxed in the jacuzzi one last time, cleaned and headed back home for work that night.

Tonight we are having dinner with the fam up here and my bday will officially be over (except when I get my new phone in the about 7ish days!)

I don't know how he always does it but he knows how to make me feel extra special and 31 has been absolutely fabulous thanks to my amazing hubby!

Hello 31....BRING ON ONE OF THE BEST YEARS OF MY LIFE!!! I know you can do it and I'm ready!!