Thursday, April 26, 2012


I just had to take a moment and share a moment that made my heart smile yesterday. Reminded me of how very different each coast is in the way people care or share or make you feel. Yesterday on facebook I said to my friend Stephanie, that I used to work out with under the amazing trainer Mr. Carter Hays, "I MISS THOSE DAYS!!, hope to be back soon and hopefully I can lose baby weight Carter Hays style." This within seconds prompted a response from Carter, "Jamie, Can't wait to see you again. Miss you!!" My heart smiled because after years of being gone even my old trainer misses me and looks forward to seeing me again, whenever that day may be. This may not be odd to some people. But do you think my trainer here has contacted me even once after I stopped paying? Nope. We say hi in passing at the club and move on. He's a great trainer and a great guy but he's not invested in you past your fitness goals or past your paid training sessions. Carter is invested in you completely. Your fitness, your health, your goals, your life, etc. He supports and motivates (inside and outside of the gym) and he continues to always make you strive to be better. Even after I moved out here he sent me workouts for months so that I could continue the regimen I had become accustomed too. Most of the gyms out here are not supportive (without payment), the feeling of everyone is here to help everyone get fit and feel better does not exist, I'm sure there are small groups of folks that motivate but in the south no matter which gym you are at you make gym acquaintances, you get support and you are held accountable. If you missed a regular workout day the folks at the gym made note of it, they asked where have you been, why did you miss your workout, etc. With a group training or even a trainer they are always on you supporting you and your goals so when you get lazy or try to depart from the goal you have set they keep you in check, they hold you accountable and in the end everyone improves. We all want to be held accountable and our fitness is somewhere we all need to be held accountable. I miss that dearly. I could miss 2 months at any gym I've been at out here without one inquiry of where I've been or whats going on. No wonder I'm bigger (besides the pregnancy), no wonder I run less, no wonder. Discover Your Road to Divine Health is Carters can buy it on Amazon. I hope that I get to train with him again one day. Thanks Carter for the smile!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Blessings in disguise

This pregnancy has been nothing short of difficult, thankfully all the things happening aren't affecting baby Deacon's health as he is a very healthy lil man thus far.

But mommy is going through all the pain and discomfort she went through the last 4 weeks with M and has much more time to go than 4 weeks. Jeff and I are worried that bedrest may come with this pregnancy but I'm fighting through day by day in hopes that doesn't happen, for multiple reasons.

I have found one simple cure to the Pubic diastasis symphysis pain that is occuring in extremes (think, being kicked in the crotch with a steel toe boot, repeatedly) and about 15 weeks early seems to be a dip in the pool. I'm still in pain after my dip yesterday with the family but not nearly as much as before.

In addition to the PDS pain the belly stretching and itchy feeling has also started WAY early. I officially waddle, have trouble with my feet swelling at the end of the day and lose sleep constantly from pain.

But I also lose sleep because Deacon likes to tell mommy Hi in the middle of the night, my belly itches because my lil man is stretching his arms and legs and growing big and strong, my feet swell because I'm carrying a sweet baby around with me everyday, my pds is painful because my body is getting ready to deliver my sweet little blessing in disguise.

Blessings come in all sorts of disguises. Deacon's is that of a sweet lil man growing strong for his mommy and daddy and I am thankful (although not always) that I get to help make Deacon as strong and as healthy as possible. What a sweet little blessing.

Sometimes we forget

Jeff and I are lucky that at 1.5 M is a talking queen. She talks more than most of her 2 and even 2.5 year old pals. Her vocabulary is well over 100 words and she uses sentences for the most part. She impresses many folks especially those with kids her age or older. I guess we are lucky as the terrible two's aren't so terrible with a kid that can express what she wants, needs and likes. It has its challenges too as she knows exactly what she wants and THAT IS WHAT SHE WANTS...she can also be distracted a little but she is a spitting image of her momma when it comes to knowing what she wants and getting what she wants. Just not sure momma is ready for that yet.

The point of this blog wasn't to share all M's cute little sayings or doings. But to reflect on something that happened around 1230am the other night. M was on the tale end of her cold so daddy was sleeping in recliner with her because every 3rd or 4th breathe she took she would wake up if laying down because of the congestion (we had been taking turns with her in recliner so we all got decent sleep). Well at 1230 she woke up UNHAPPY, she was crying, and talking kind of, but being a baby she was just unhappy and needed comforting, singing, etc. Well at one point when she was talking a little it was unclear what she was wanting so daddy kept saying, "Madison, I can't understand what your saying." "What do you want?" As she settled and I went back upstairs to bed it made me smile and remember that first year of crying and the only cure was trial and error to figure out what it was she needed. We have gotten so spoiled with her telling us what she wants or needs that we sometimes forget during these moments that she is only 1.5 years old, she is still a "baby" and she still just needs us to figure it out sometimes.

I'm so proud of my lil M and her development advances so early, it truly makes a difference (most of the time) in getting her what she needs or wants. But at the same time these moments provide great memories of what we do as parents for our children from day one when their ability to express themselves is only to cry or coo and caw.

Sometimes we forget but sometimes we also need to be reminded of how it was so we can be so grateful for what have.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

where ARE YOU?

M is so darn cute

Her new cute saying (stemmed from months of hide n seek) she now says:

" X, ARE YOU!"

X = any name and she sort of skips the word where and is very loud with her ARE YOU

That and her always asking "Where did X go?" Its adorable. She gets a very serious face and its adorable.

We have video and its wonderful that technology allows to keep these moments forever and share often. I will add video soon, just haven't downloaded to my computer yet.