Thursday, July 30, 2009

Instant Smart

Well the BIG 3-0 and I met yesterday and I AM IN LOVE!

My 30th birthday month was absolutely fantastic, I'd have to say it was the best one yet!

As most of you know I celebrate birthday months not just days and I am a huge lover of birthday celebrations. 30 creeped up on me, but it did not slap me in the face. I'm as excited as ever and even feel a tad younger with more pep in my step.

The added pep could be because I have amazing friends and family that made sure this birthday was extra special. Here is a list of exciting news and things I was blessed to have enter my special "month"........

Being told I would have guessed 25! YAY!
WOW! You are a hot 30! YAY!
Laptop...even though this is a couples gift for the wedding I'm counting it because it came the weekend of my birthday.
FLIP camera in HD...the coolest little video recorder of them all...IT ROCKS!
My baby flew to town and we had a blast
I got over 60 phone calls, text messages and emails....I've never felt so loved!
Even my best friend Melissa called from China! HOW SPECIAL DO I FEEL!
Amazing STEAK dinner at Mortons, bring on the wine! :)
Pool party times 2...yes 2 in one weekend!
Carrie Underwood, Clay Walker, Little Jimmy Dickens and the Cherryholmes at the Grand Ole Opry
You look great for 30 (which made me wonder how bad i looked at 29 cause I never got that comment once. LOL!)
And the best most meaningful gift of them all was a statement my dad emailed me that came from my mom.....

From the mouth of the most amazingly beautiful wonderful mother to her daughter years after her death.....

"Girls become INSTANT SMART and everything becomes very clear on their 30th birthday"

You just can't top that, but I guarantee I will try every birthday I am blessed to have!

I love you all and thank you so very much for making my entrance to the 30's so incredibly amazing!


Friday, July 24, 2009

Facing your fears.....JUST DANCE!

As most of you know I'm nervous as HELL to walk down the aisle. I literally lost control of my breathing and almost puked the last time I stood at the end and looked down while talking to the florist. It has nothing to do with any doubts of my relationship, its just my complete and total fear of commitment taking over. I've ran from it my whole life!

It is something I will face whole heartedly and something I will finally for the first time ever..... DEFEAT!

This video makes me realize that there are options and since I can dance anywhere at anytime in front of anyone WHY NOT dance down the aisle.

I would never actually do it, cause my mom would roll over in her grave and maybe even come up and slap me, but maybe I'll pretend. :) Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Life without cheese=sadness and gloom.

I was driving around the other day thinking about all the wonderful things in life and by far cheese tops the list.

It can be diced, sliced, melted, and baked. You can dip it! (my favorite) It goes well with wine, crackers, fruits, chips, chicken, beef, salad, bread, eggs and the list goes on and on. Cheese does not discriminate what it must be eaten with, its kind of a whore of foods.

I was curious enough to look up the A to Z's of gourmet cheeses and realized there is much more joy to be had in this life, there are so many cheeses to eat!

Some of my favorites.......Swiss, White Queso, Roquefort, Gouda, Feta, Idiazabal, Drunken Goat, Goat, Camembert, Roaring forty blue, Wensleydale w/Cranberries, White Stilton with Fruit and last but not least my favorite.....Manchego! (I know I left a few out!)

Please post your favorite!

Those that are lactose intolerant....its a shame you are deprived of one of life's most wondeful things. That makes me sad!