Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy 18 months

WOW Madison you have surprised us all along this wonderful journey with you. From being so full of personality to learning so fast. Your smile, laugh and continuous parade of hilarity makes our world so incredibly perfect.

Your teachers tell us you are talking way ahead of your classmates (they are all older) and your friends parents say "wow she is so advanced". We think you are perfect no matter what you do or how fast or slow it takes you to do it. But you have definitely marked more things off your baby to do list early.

Some of your new things included:
Naming your favorite cartoon friends: Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Elmo, and Ernie.
Naming all your friends: Eva, Emiliee, Brayden, Christian, Luke, August, Evie, Alice (for Allison)
You are mastering animal sounds and actions: Sheep says "Bah", Ella (elephant) says "roar with a shaking head", Horsey says "neigh", Rooster says "loodleloodleloo", Goose says "ah", cow says "boo", dog says "ruff", monkey says "ooh ooh", cat says "mow", lion and tigers say "roar" and penguin does the cutest little waddle/shake. You know duck, cow, kitty, turtle, bear, dog, puppy, ella by picture. Those she says name or sound sometimes both. It super cute that you sometimes say bite for rooster because they warn the kids at school that one of the roosters will bite you if you put your finger out. So funny.

You know the colors yellow, red and blue.

You currently repeat everything we say with almost perfect annunciation. Outside and upstairs are two very key words for you as going up stairs and being outside are your 2 favorite things. Wader for water seems to be your favorite word these days as you say it all the time even if you don't want any water. You don't like juice but any beverage that is colored is now juice even soda, coffee and tea.

You know Momma, Daddy, Zeus, Gade (renegade), Nana, Papa, Uncle, Ella (Gabriella), B (brian), and Evie.

You know eyes, ears, mouth, belly, toes, fingers, hand, hat (for what goes on your head.

You say Thank you, Bless you, No sir, No thank you, Please and I sorry.

Books are your favorite thing other than your baby and we spend most of the day reading with you or you reading to us.

You gallop with grace and jump with force even though you don't get very high off the ground and your run now has the cutest little hip shake when you are trying to faster.

You have had a few meetings with our friend "time out", at home you have to go sit against the wall. One night daddy said "if you do that again your going to time out against the you just went over and sat down." We had to laugh. You know what not to do but when you do it anyway you say "go sit down" and then you have to go sit down. Not sure if thats punishment enough but afterwards you say sorry or give kisses. You have been pushed down and biten at school but have returned the bites to others. Not a fan of this process you are going through but I'm sure we will be over this hump quickly. You get frustrated easily but we are working on that with you daily. You get your afterschool cookie on good days and thats pretty much every day.

You say waffle, cookie, cracker, chip, banana, apple, berry, pizza, noodle (noodloo) and yum yum (that one we end up guessing what you want but you always tell us with a big smile and giggle that we got it right).

You are turning into a climbing monkey and making us re-evaluate our choice in certain furniture peices. Your babies and animals are always dancing. You know ball and you LOVE balls you are not a fan of sharing the ball. You share pretty good but if its something you just don't want to let go of its not going get that from your momma, sorry.

You also give the sweetest Muah's via phone or of course in person, you zerbert us and giggle, you blow kisses, parade restaurants waving hi to all you pass, you say hello when on the phone and buh bye when leaving.

You follow a lot of direction. Take this to daddy or whomever and you do, give the trash to mommy (usually with saying dirty), put your toys away, etc etc.

You have started waking up a few times at night lately but we are praying its just because you are a little sick. We will hope that gets back to normal.

We absorb every second as its probably going to result in something new a new word, sound, phrase or action. I'm sure I missed something cause you are doing so many wonderful new things and turning into a sweet little toddler. Your friends mommy says you and August should have your own tv show cause your such little characters. It would be quite hilarious.

Happy 18 months sweet girl!!! We love you love you love you!!!