Wednesday, August 26, 2009


My baby boy finding his way in the middle of the night to spoon up against me with his head on the pillow next to mine!

So sweet!

Sunset Blisters

Yesterday I decided to attempt another run after developing quarter size blisters on my last run because I had no socks on. My test was walking the dog in my running shoes and see if the pain was tolerable, not so much!

Since I was craving a good sweaty workout and unable to run I thought....why not a nice bike ride on the greenway trail near my house, not as difficult as a run, but good enough.

I get to the trail and see the little mountain biking trail and say heck why not so as I'm riding down bouncing on and off rocks, dodging tree limbs and loving it and light bulb goes off in my head....YOU IDIOT!!! Last time you flipped your bike over cause you were trying to show off, how are you going to explain scrapes and bruises all over to Jeff right before your wedding day. So I took the rest of the trail a tad more cautiously.

I thought about hopping off the trail the first chance I got but instead I stayed and to my amazement realized why I had needed to mountain bike yesterday and why I decided to continue. I ended at the lake just in time for an amazing orange and purple sunset. I got off the bike, listened to the water hitting the land and just breathed in. This is why things happen and this is why I'll always remember this sunset and the blisters.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Okay so I go get my RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) and a whole body composition test done today.

I have a fabulous Metabolism apparantly and this has caused me issues lately in my muscle mass.

See I went for the test wondering where my muscles had recently dissappeared too, so I got my answer!

I'M STARVING MY MUSCLES AND BODY! Who knew. I eat pretty good and pretty healthy on the regular, but little did i know that just to wake up, get through the day and go home and sleep I need to eat a WHOPPING 2,600 calories. WOW! I knew I didn't eat enough but HOLY MOLY!! If you add in my regular exercise regimine that would add an additional 600-800 calories a day to that amount. AM I A FOOTBALL PLAYER???? NO!!! just a natural born food disposal I guess. Maybe thats why I was so small and compact for so long cause I remember being a complete and total pig that could and would continuously eat all day long just because. Guess i shouldn't have stopped.

So to follow orders I am attempting at increasing my food intake. Very difficult thus far, but I added a good 300 or so to my norm today.

Here's to eating more and losing weight. I LOVE 30! :)